CrossFit Games

Unreal.  That’s the word I use to describe the Crossfit games and its athletes.  The athletes put their bodies through crazy workouts testing everything imaginable (physically/mentally/emotionally) over specified time and weight constraints . . . I love it!

Crossfit Games

The Open:  everyone and anyone in the world could complete each WOD and turn in their performance . . . top 50 from each “area” of the world move on. (Videos, assignments, classwork, practice, discussion, journal)

The Regional:  the top 50 battle it out in 6 events in three days . . . unreal!  (assessment, quiz, feedback)

The Crossfit Games:  The top 4 from each region converged on L.A. to compete in the Crossfit Games!  The best of the best . . . time to crown the fittest man and woman in the world!  (test, project)

There is a female, male, and team (c0-ed) divison.

What about Crossfit Games for the classroom . . . set up the Open / Regional / Crossfit Games for each “unit” of my classroom.  I set the minimum standards that must be met to be considered “moving on” to the next “challenge”.  At the end, the best of the best will be identified and the weaker “mathletes” will be weeded out (in need of intervention – must look at their training program).  Even before an athlete begins the Open, they train for weeks in the gym working with weights, eating right, getting plenty of sleep, stretching and working on mobility (all the many different attributes of being a student).

My plan:  Crossfit Game for the Classroom – let’s stat lifting some math!


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