Weekly Reflection #1

A fellow math teacher is doing a pilot of the Acer tablets.  Seems that she is finding more that you cannot do on the Acer than you can . . . which leads to me being stressed.  I sit here with all these ideas of flipping my classroom, creating all these online assessments, and using multiple online math programs, and then here that there hasn’t been a “smooth” day where the software hasn’t been slow or inconsistent.

Looking for ideas of ways to make life easier with the tablets.  Ease of use (do I need to get a class set of pens?).  I really want to use GeoGebra on the tablets (will it run consistently? is there enough “space” on the tablet screen for the students to work/create?)

I am so ready for the summer to rock n roll and create and edit and create and edit again!  But, I need to know where I stand with the limitations of the technology I will be using in my classroom.


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